Shattered Home (Coming Home Series Book #0.5)
Remembering Home (Coming Home Series Book #1)
Finding Home (Coming Home Series Book #2)
Shattered Home (Coming Home Series Book #0.5)
Shattered Home (Coming Home Series Book #0.5)

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Read the beginning of Angel and Aiden’s story.

She streaked by, a glow surrounding her and her black hair flowing behind. I had to rub my eyes.
My heart just about beat right out of my chest because I knew I’d found an Angel.
I hoped she’d been sent to save me.

Aiden Thomas couldn’t believe his eyes when he spotted a real, live angel in the school yard. There was no way he could’ve comprehended how important she’d become in his miserable existence.
Until their world is cruelly torn apart.

* Intended for mature audiences due to adult scenes and language. *
Written especially to help raise funds for the March of Dimes Foundation, originally published in the New Love anthology.

Remembering Home (Coming Home Series Book #1)
Remembering Home (Coming Home Series Book #1)

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How do you forget your first love?

The girl that haunts your dreams.

The one that no other woman could ever live up to.

The one you left behind...

It takes a tragedy to wake Aiden Thomas from his stupor, prompting him to return to his home town. Nothing could've prepared him for what he finds when he gets there. His life, as he knows it, is about to change. It was time to stop hiding behind his lens.

Angel Murphy had her heart ripped away when she was a teenager. She survived the toughest times of her life, with the help of her family. Fifteen years later, after another cruel blow, she is again scrambling to adjust. Angel doesn't know how much more she can take, when the man she thought she’d never see again returns.

Can she trust him to stay this time, especially when he discovers the secrets he left behind?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content.*

Finding Home (Coming Home Series Book #2)
Finding Home (Coming Home Series Book #2)

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I’ve done some things I’m ashamed of.

Been the subject of blatant gossip.

But I’m here, thousands of miles away trying to atone for my sins.

Funny thing is, some sins are so ingrained it’s impossible to scrub them from your DNA.

Chelsea’s hell bent on reigning in her free spirit and becoming the daughter her mama could be proud of. Lord knows she owes her that much. But when a stranger crosses her path, her wild heart flares to life. She figures a little bit of fun never hurt none. She isn’t prepared for the lesson fate serves with a slice of pie, and some sweet tea on the side.

Greyson is done with being neck deep in cow dung. He’s ready to hang up his cowboy hat and replace it with a toque blanche. Following his passion all the way to Boston, he gets the shock of his life when the smokin’ hot blonde from Alabama turns up in his uncle’s restaurant.

But her plans and his future are set for different destinations. And distance isn’t the only thing trying to tear them apart.

The kitchen is about to go volcanic as he fights to chase his dream, and hold on to his dream girl.

Chelsea will have to make a choice between her heart, or her home.

Which one will it be?

*Recommended for readers 18+ due to mature content. *